open kross challenge

Open Cross Challenge: Open Age
9.45 start @ Cliffe Castle

1. Sat 13 Oct 2012
2. Sat 17 Nov 2012
3. Sat 15 Dec 2012
4. Sat 12 Jan 2013
5. Sat 9 Feb 2013
6. Sat 9 Mar 2013

Results after race 6 – Click here

Open Athletic Competition


results 2011/2012

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Format:  Second Saturday in the month, October to March inclusive

Two open runs:

09.45  – 11 and under –  Short: Lap of XC course lower field  – 650m

10.00 – 12 – 17s   Medium: 1 Lap of fixed XC course  3km
10.00 18+  Long: 2 laps of fixed XC course  5.5km

*Note: Age groups are for guidance only – anyone can opt to run any of the routes if they wish!!

How to enter the OKC

Entries. All runners to fill in OKC Entry Form with all fields and whether doing Short, Medium or Long course.
Unique number issued to each runner. Keep hold of/remember this!! Some schoolchildren may already have their school number. Same number for every run.
Event fees are £1 per run per person, all age groups. £1.50 non-BAN club members (school numbers always free).
Numbers must be worn or held. No pins issued! Hold your number if you don’t have any pins!!
No course marshals – just starter/timers at start/finish.
Course is varied with some slippery and some hard surfaces – use appropriate footwear.
All finishing times recorded

No prizes, just rankings on most improved, fastest, etc.
Optional social tea/coffee afterwards at Cliffe Castle Cafe.

This is a simple format, easy-to-enter, open challenge that is all about athletes of all standards challenging themselves and having the opportunity to have a hard run on a regular basis throughout the winter. See how much you can improve, experiment with race tactics outside of key races, try out new shoes, try and beat that special person or just run round and enjoy the park!!

results 2010/2011

Saturday 16th Oct (OCC 1) Results Report
Saturday 13th Nov (OCC 2)   Results Report
Saturday 11th Dec (OCC 3)    Results Summary
Saturday 8th Jan (OCC 4)   Results Summary
Saturday 12th Feb (OCC 5)  Results Summary
Saturday 12th Mar (OCC6)  Results Summary

Additional information

Athlete Training Log

Official Opening of the fixed XC Course