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2013 Open Track Challenge (after 1st event) Results

2012 Open Track Challenge (after 4th event)    Results

2012 Open Track Challenge – Schools (after 4th event)    Results

2011 Open Track challenge    Results

2011 Mile Race Walk   Results

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A simple format, easy-to-enter, low-key open challenge that is all about athletes of all standards challenging themselves and having the opportunity to compete on a regular basis throughout the summer.


Golden K Miles

For various reasons, track and field competition has traditionally not perhaps been as easy to enter and take part in as other forms of athletic competition such as fell racing, cross country and road running.

The aim of the Keighley & Craven Open TracK Challenge is to change this.

This involves changing the format and arrangements a bit to make sure that everyone is welcome to take part, has something to suit what their talents are (at every level) and to have good time.

One of the limitations with T&F (and the frequency of available competition) is the wide scope of events and the heavy requirement for judges, officials, timekeepers and the like. At top level competition this will frequently remain the case, but in Keighley we wish to create conditions for frequent competition at a basic level so that athletes of all ages, standards and abilities have a regular opportunity to put their training to the test.

As with the associated Keighley & Craven Open Kross Challenge in Cliffe Castle Park during the winter, this is about competition and self-development, the ability to pit yourself against athletes of a similar standard whether male, female, old or young, and thus measure your progress over the season and, eventually, over the years.

See how much you can improve, experiment with race tactics outside of key races, try out new shoes/blocks/run-ups/equipment, recuperate after injury, try and beat that special person (the rich variety of local clubs in the Bradford Athletics Network encourages such healthy competition!!) or just enjoy the atmosphere and pretend you’re at the Olympics!!

We have some great facilities at University Academy Keighley, with more to come. For 2011 we will concentrate on alternate middle distance and sprints/jumps evenings, with the emphasis being on the participants themselves to do their event(s) and then help with the basic officiating duties to enable club and school colleagues and friends to do theirs – a real co-operative effort!

2012 Details for Schools here